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What Is Kratom?

Whether you know a little bit about kratom and want to know more, or kratom is a brand new topic, we’d love to explain all about kratom.

While kratom is very similar to the coffee plant: giving plenty of energy for the day, it differs by also assisting in pain management, anxiety management, opiate addiction and many other good side effects. Grown out of the country, this plant originates from the Indonesia-Malaysian area. It was mainly used hundreds of years ago by farmers who would be in pain carrying their crops and would work long hours. Now there is a great use to help people get off opiate addiction as it mimics the euphoria and pain free effect.

There are many different strains of Kratom as the leaves grow and each contains a different compound. The color name of the strain depends on the color of the leaves’ veins. Red will help the most with pain and as you go up through gold, green, yellow, to white, the less it assists with pain and the more it assists with energy. White strains will give the most energy comparable to coffee.

People take kratom typically orally in a dry powder or pill capsule. You may also put kratom in your food like yogurt or peanut butter or warm tea. The serving size can be anywhere from 1 gram-7 grams and the effects can last 2-8 hours, depending on your body and anatomy.

Also, talk to your doctor before trying something! Kratom can have some negative side effects like nausea or sleepiness. Kratom may sound like it's for you but you want to always make sure! We have had many stories from ex heroin users to people who simply don't want to become addicted to painkillers or don’t want to drive their vehicle on opiates. We are always happy to share the knowledge we come across and hope this helps to answer some questions.