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Vaping Trends of 2023 and Beyond

We all see trends come and go in the vape community. Since vaping started getting popular we're seeing more people make the switch from cigarettes to vapes, and that's amazing! The World Heazlth Organization confirmed that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, so we're excited to see that happening more commonly.

Sure, there are tried and true vape kits and your basic e-juice flavors. But this can be a highly competitive market and companies are all really making it easy for us to say "the future is now". Let's look into what's been going on!

Disposable Vape technology

Disposables have been a top seller for quite a while, and that's no secret. But with the rise of popularity, we've already started to see some new features that no one was expecting.

Geek Bar Pulse disposables have a max puff count of 15,000! And not only that, they have a full length LED screen showing battery percentage, juice level, and which power mode you're using (oh and 2 different power modes). These are features that, until now, we only saw with tank devices.

The new EBCREATE Thermal Edition disposables are also showing that companies don't have to change too much internally to make some waves in the community. These look like regular EB disposables (in some new flavors), but the shells are color-changing using the heat of holding it!

Wider range of e-juice flavors

Freebase, salt nicotine, and disposable vapes alike, there are some more heavily favored flavors. There will always be 'the best mango flavored disposable vape' and the fan favorite Naked 100 American Patriot tobacco e-liquid flavor.

But we're now seeing Cherry Cola more often, and Geek Bar came out with a Columbian Coffee Ice

Of course the flavor combos don't stop there, and we're bound to see more fun flavors in the future which is super exciting.

Refillable disposable vapes

That sounds weird, right? Refillable, but also disposable vapes are something we haven't seen since people breaking open Juul pods to refill them. But we've been hearing the talk and we're speculating it should become more common to see devices like this showing up in the future


This is a pretty competitive market with each company doing the most to stay ahead of the game. With the technology that we have now, it's getting easier for vape companies to keep us on our toes and that's exactly what they're gonna do. We keep up with these exciting trends so check back to see what the not-so-distant future has in store!