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How Does CBD for Pets Work?

CBD is quickly becoming more popular, and for good reason! But not too many people know that CBD isn't just for humans. It can be super beneficial for pets in the same ways as it benefits us; whether it's a senior dog with joint pain, an anxious kitten, or anyone in between, pet-focused CBD is an amazing option.

The reason CBD works on us is because it works hand-in-hand with our Endocannabinoid System. Our furry friends have that very same system so it's no secret that CBD can work just as well for them too! We carry some all natural CBD products perfect for any sized pet for any reason.

  • CBD oil for pets
  • CBD oils or tinctures are a great way to introduce CBD into your pet's routine. They're easy to mix into dry kibble or wet food, and even feeding straight from the dropper. Dosing is also super simple due to an array of strength options based on weight, and easy dose droppers which show exactly how much you're using. Another great thing about tinctures is if you have a picky eater, there are plenty of flavorless options! My personal pick is this CBDfx Dog Tincture (renamed Pet Tincture). My dog loves the chicken flavor, though they also make a bacon flavor too! And since the dosage is based on weight, these can definitely be a wonderful option for cats as well.
  • CBD treats for pets
  • CBD treats are another incredible way to get your pets used to CBD, and who doesn't love a treat that also keeps them healthy? Treats are usually less generalized than tinctures, with specified doses per treat and made specially for certain weight groups. Along with dosing, the flavors can also be more specially catered to different types of pets! These R&R Cat Chews are trout and chicken flavored and any cat will go nuts for them. Treats will also keep in mind the other nutrients and vitamins your pet needs, like these CBDfx Milk Bone style treats with added superfoods like blueberry and spinach!

With so many choices available, we are always willing to answer any questions and help in deciding which is the best option for your pet!