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20 Strains of Kratom

The following are some incredible kratom strains and their benefits! For more info on kratom as a whole, read our blog post “What Is Kratom?”.

Red Horn: Red strains generally help with pain more than any other color. Red Horn has tremendously good feedback on chronic pain. That will be for the “pain that never goes away” situations. Uplifting mood enhancers and will affect everyone differently. Body muscles will relax and will assist soothing the mind.

Red Kapuas Hulu: Moderate cognitive and energy boosting properties. This strain specifically has long term effects. Expect to have this strain to be very fast acting for sooner relief. Also, this strain is great for social anxiety.

Red Bali: Red Bali is a strain from a combination of Sumatra and Borneo. Great strain for depression, stress and is pain relieving. Been known to help with ADD and active concentration spans. Tight and tense muscles can relax.

Red Borneo: This strain is known to be a legend in Kratom. Known for helping with chronic pain, depression, fatigue, and scoliosis. Great for taking in small doses, this strain will give an incredibly relaxing effect. 

Gold Maeng Da: In between red and green strains stands gold. With this strain you will feel a mild stimulation to your mood, give a social confidence and provide a keen sense of well-being and calmness. This strain will help give you a peace of mind and also has no jittery side effects. 

Bali Gold: A predominantly known relaxing strain even though kratom shares the same family plant as that of coffee. This strain has had feedback to help regulate sleep even in restlessness and insomnia experiences.

Green Horn: Getting its name is due to the odd shape of this strain’s leaf, which is very horned. Natural pain reliever and positive mood enhancer. Green horn is long lasting and not suggested for new users. Effects are strong.

Super Green Malay: These leaves are quite bigger than the Green Malay strain which means it carries more alkaloids. Great energy booster that will strengthen the body and mind. Will also help boost the immune system and work the best for pain.

Green Thai: Helps in pain relief as in osteoporosis and arthritis, boost your energy and relaxes the mind. It improves your mood by also assisting with social anxiety. Green Thai would be a great strain for an all day use.

Plantation Green Maeng Da: This plant is always grown to full maturity usually 3-5 yrs old before harvesting which is why it has a darker color. Gives a tremendous amount of energy and helps with mental clarity. When your mind feels like it's in a fog and needs help focusing. 

Green Kapuas Hulu: A very rare strain and harder to find. Can help with pain as in headache or menstrual cramps and mild joint pain. The last of the effects will be euphoria which is not known to last long. Good strain for new users or are looking for a more mild strain.

Plantation Red Maeng Da: Unquestionable effect on mood which will be uplifting, euphoric. Has a high amount of alkaloids which are natural pain killers to be used throughout the body. Great strain for chronic pain and soreness. 

White Horn: This strain is known for being an extreme energy booster. White Horn is great for an all day use while the effects can last for a large amount of hours. This strain is most similar to the coffee plant with the same feel of high caffeination. 

Plantation White Maeng Da: Known to be the most powerful of the Maeng Da strains, is very well balanced in pain and euphoric effects. Not recommended for night use and is mostly used for an energy boost. Will give the user a huge raise in energy and is very long lasting.

White Borneo: Very high stimulant and promotes alertness. This strain will increase endurance and motivation. Increased focus, attention, mental function and promote energy. Very high energy strain.

White Elephant: Known for alleviating stress and depression also, with productivity and focus. There is almost no sedation reported with White Elephant. Very high euphoria and for an uplifting mood. Great for fighting fatigue. 

Yellow Vein Thai: Provides a long period of pain relief. Yellow Vein Thai has similar effects to coffee. Soothing feel for the body.

Yellow Vein Borneo: Users report feeling more positive and motivated. Great for people trying kratom for the first time. Won’t give you as much of an energy boost as White Borneo but will help more with pain relief.

Yellow Vein Sundanese: Soothes nerves with stress and anxiety. Helps with a sense of calmness and nerves. Great alternative to caffeine and a huge energy boost in the morning. Also improves mood.

Yellow Vein Sumatra:  Has the most different taste. Very soothing effect on the mind and generally has a pleasant calming result. Will help reduce general stress and anxiety.